I am an Americanist interested in international history and the United States in the world. I studied at the University of Groningen (BA and MA in American Studies). Currently, I am an NWO (Dutch Research Council) funded PhD researcher in the History Department of Leiden University, where I am writing my thesis in the fields of new political and new diplomatic history.

My research interest focuses on the international (political) thought and diplomatic and political activities of businessmen, academics, and cultural elites. I am specifically interested in how these non-state actors have contributed to the international relations and the international (re)positioning of the Netherlands, in the context of a changing world order in the 1930s and 1940s.

I am employed at the Hanze Hogeschool, where I teach about culture and current affairs in an international business program. For the last three years, I have also been employed at the University of Groningen, where I taught in the American Studies program. Here I ran a history course on the United States in the world since 1945.

In my previous life, I sailed half-way around the world on board of Clipper Stad Amsterdam, an experience that I hold very dear.

I was born and raised in Friesland and currently live in the city of Groningen.

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